About Us

For us dog lovers, there is a connection to our dogs like no other!! Our dogs reach deep into our hearts, take hold and take a piece of our heart for themselves, but give a piece of theirs to us in return as they truly love us unconditionally! That is what makes the bond so unbreakable and deep... our hearts are truly connected!
They are with us for such a short time... we must love them fully, MAKE time for them, spoil them ROTTEN and give them only the best!!! Our store wants to help you do all those things by offering only the best, safest, and environmentally friendly products out there! We take the time to fully research every product so that you don't have to and list only the best and at fair prices. We source only from the USA and UK and try to source hand made and from small stores as much as possible. Please feel free to look around, and please... if you like us - BARK US UP to your friends!!